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Fibre Optic Lights

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Fibre optic lights are long tubes which feature a transparent core and are used to transmit light. They are very efficient and give you a substantial amount of control over them, allowing you to manipulate them in order to focus them on specific areas or feed them through hard to reach places. Some of the most common applications of fibre optic lights are for decorative purposes and also used in industry or other outdoors applications.

Each fibre optic light features a very thin cable which is flexible and easy to control; the core is made from transparent glass or a plastic tube which acts as a reflective layer and bounces the beam of light – which has come from an initial light source – through the entire cable towards the end where it will shine out. At the place where the light is shone, there is no reflective layer which means the light in unable to bounce back off the fibre optic walls.

From a practical point of view, fibre optic lights are convenient and will allow you to shine light through hard to reach places, whilst also ensuring the light source has not leaked or lost any of its strength. In addition to this, it is very difficult for you to shine light around a bend as light travels in straight lines. This can be very unconvincing for people, especially if their light source is not actually close to where they need the light. With the use of fibre optic lights, you are able to bend the light around corners as the light itself will be bouncing of the reflective layers on the walls.

From a decorative perspective, fibre optic lights are used widely in illumination applications. They are available in a wide range of different designs and colours, which is why they are commonly used as the integrated lights on artificial Christmas trees. Due to their high levels of flexibility and versatility, they are also often used to light up display cabinets in homes in a very stylish fashion.

Here at Ocean Lighting we feature a comprehensive collection of fibre optic lights which have been developed from both perspectives. We feature a wide range of different fibre optic lights for a range of different purposes, such as our collection of fibre optic garden kits. Due to the nature of fibre optic lights they often resemble that of the stars in space, which is why we also offer a collection of fibre optic star kits.