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A lantern can be a portable device or a mounted fixture. They are used to illuminate broad areas of space and commonly used at home, both inside and outdoors. They are available in many low light varieties which are used for decoration purposes; however, they are more commonly available as general light sources such as ceiling lanterns. They have been used as a lighting style for many years now, traditionally utilising candle light as that was the only source of fuel available. These ceiling lanterns only gave off a very weak light and were considered to be very dangerous, specifically in wooden houses with the thatched roofs they were used in. A typical candle lantern is a metal box or cylinder with glasses panels and an opening vent on the top to provide enough oxygen to keep the flame going. A very primitive form of candle lantern was made from white horn and wood and was called a ‘lanthorn’ – this was first introduced around about the time of King Alfred in England.

Modern electric ceiling lanterns are usually permanently viewed as fixed mounted fittings and are used in interior design, landscape and civic environments. Styles can vary on a large scale as some designs can evoke styles from former eras and feature a very traditional and classic look, whereas other designs will feature modern and contemporary themes, all of which can be used to enhance aesthetic considerations.

Here at Ocean Lighting we feature a comprehensive collection of ceiling lanterns for you to browse through and choose from, including a variety of different traditional and contemporary designs. In addition to this, we also give you the opportunity to select from a range of different finishes to ensure you are able to find something which is befitting to existing fittings and fixtures. A very popular choice within our range includes a selection of tradition ceiling lantern designs which feature a modern twist; in replace of an actual candle, they feature a replica electric candle – this makes them far less dangerous and more effective and efficient.

If you like what we offer within our amazing collection of ceiling lanterns, then you may also want to check out we have to offer within our featured collection of modern lanterns. We also have a range of traditional lanterns here at Ocean Lighting.